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Working at Septentrio.

We’re looking for your talent
and your ambitions,
to keep aiming for the stars.

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We are looking for highly qualified and motivated professionals like you. If you think you have what it takes to keep Septentrio firmly in Pole Position, check our vacancies and get in touch!


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Septentrio designs and manufactures GPSS/GNSS positioning technology for highly demanding applications.

Our receivers are known for their outstanding performance, high level of security and resilience in challenging environments and are used in many different applications, from agriculture over construction to outer space.


Our human capital is our greatest good.

We are septentrio

We are a company built on passion, drive and an intense sense of loyalty. We believe in what we do because what we do, really makes a difference in the lives of countless people across the world and beyond.

We are local and global

Our roots are Belgian, but our branches
reach across the entire world. We provide
solutions on a global scale. Our 20+ years
of innovating has made us who we are
today and is the main reason we attract top
specialists from every corner of our planet.
Little Belgium has made it big.

At Septentrio you’ll have room to grow, both personally and professionally.

We are professional

We are committed. To each other, but also
to our clients and the services we provide.
We keep our promises. Our people are
solution-driven optimists who are reliable,
hard-working, and loyal.
We’re a good team, all of us.

We are nothing but human

Our human capital is our greatest good. At Septentrio we welcome failure as well as success because both lead to learnings and
adaptations. We encourage initiative, and always strive to improve. We expect our people to thrive and to support each other. To push each other towards greatness.
We never, ever, give up.

We talk and argue, discuss and decide. As a team

We are straight forward

At Septentrio, clear communication is key.
There are no secrets, no ambiguous decisions, and no backhanded remarks. We welcome criticism, but never without the suggestion of specific solutions. We talk and argue, discuss, and decide. As a team.

We work like this

Getting you in position, step by step


Let us know you re interested

CV screening

We check your CV and are blown away

HR teams meeting

We get to know each other a little better

Online or offline meeting

You’ll meet your team manager, face to face

Technical screening

You’ll meet more of our people and get to showcase your skills


We make you an offer


The end of this journey, the start of a whole new one!


Our onboarding is legendary

Our onboarding is legendary

You’ll be up to speed faster than you could imagine, we’ll make sure of that. We’ll do everything we can to support you and to guarantee your talents are put to good use. For both of us. Your journey at Septentrio starts here, but we already have the next steps planned out.

We’re a good team, all of us